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Types of helpers we provide

We provide a wide range of helpers from a large database for you to select from, depending on your household requirements.

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Nationalities of helpers we provide:

Indonesian, Myanmar, Mizoram, Sri Lanka

Fresh Helper

Experienced Helper

Transfer Helpers
(Immediately available in Singapore)

 Processing Time:
2-4 Weeks (Estimated)
Interview via: Video Call


Processing Time:
2-3 Weeks (Estimated)
Interview via: Video Call


Processing Time:
0-2 Weeks (Estimated)

Interview via: Face-to-Face or Video Call 

Steps To Hire A Trusted Helper With Us

Step 1


Speak to us and let us understand more about your household details and requirements.


Step 2


We will shortlist profiles that are most suitable for your household and send you to select.


Step 3


Interview will be arranged for the shortlisted candidates. Interviews can be done virtually via Whatsapp Video Call or Google Meeting. Face to face interviews can also be done if the shortlisted helper is available in Singapore.

video-call (1).png

Step 4


After you have confirmed a helper, you can choose to come down to our shop to go through the paperwork, or if you wish to sign digitally from home, we can email you the documents for you to sign.


Step 5


We will handle all the necessary procedures for you, so you don’t have to worry or do anything, just sit back, relax and choose your preferred date to come pick up your helper!


Select the Right Helper for Your Home

We understand the importance of finding the right helper that suits your household needs and requirements. Let us assist you to finding the right helper! We are committed and dedicated to providing quality services and unwavering support for all our employers, so you can rest assured when engaging our services!

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