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Overseas Training Centre

Established in 2022, our Company inaugurated its proprietary Training Centre

located in Yangon, Myanmar.

Our new Myanmar Helpers are meticulously selected through rigorous rounds of interviews and subjected to a compulsory 2-month training regime. This intensive program includes training on infant care, elderly care, household chores, and cooking.


Additionally, they partake in comprehensive English and Chinese language courses to enhance communication.

Unlike most Maid Agencies in Singapore, we proudly possess our own Overseas Training Centre.


This strategic move has been executed with the aim of delivering high-quality trained helpers to our employers, ensuring superior service and satisfaction.

Language Classes

English and Mandarin Lessons

Acquiring a new language can be difficult and can potentially lead to frustration if communication becomes a stumbling block.


That's why we equip our helpers with essential language skills in Basic English and Mandarin to facilitate more effective communication with their future employers.

Interestingly, many Burmese individuals exhibit a swift aptitude for learning Mandarin, which is why we have intentionally included Mandarin lessons in our curriculum.


This additional skill is particularly beneficial for families seeking Mandarin-speaking helpers, especially for elderly care.

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Cooking Class

Our helpers undergo a comprehensive cooking class designed to enhance their culinary skills.


This program aims to elevate them to professional cooking standards. From mastering the basics to exploring various cuisines, our helpers are trained to ensure they can serve a diverse menu to suit your palate.


This class doesn't just instill them with practical knowledge, but it also imbues them with the creativity and confidence necessary for a true culinary professional.

Infant & Childcare

Care for Babies

Our helpers are meticulously trained in childcare at our Training Centre, where they gain real-life experiences under close supervision.


They receive comprehensive training in essential skills such as swaddling, burping, changing diapers, showering, and feeding, among other things.


This hands-on training prepares them to confidently and effectively care for babies and children in their assigned household.

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Elderly Care

Our helpers undergo comprehensive training on elderly care, including practical skills such as transferring, showering, feeding, and more.


In addition to this, we emphasize the importance of patience in our training program, ensuring that our helpers understand the need for a calm and empathetic approach when caring for the elderly.


Our goal is to equip our helpers with both the technical skills and compassionate understanding necessary for exceptional elderly care.

Pets Care

Our helpers receive foundational training in pet care, gaining real-life experiences under close supervision.


This includes learning key skills such as bathing pets, nail trimming, and feeding, among others.


By ensuring our helpers have hands-on experience and the right training, we aim to equip them with the necessary skills to effectively and confidently care for pets in their assigned households.

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